Lack of certified librarians in schools

When I was thinking about pursuing a career as a librarian I did my research on how easy or difficult it would be for me to find a job after getting a MLIS degree. What I found said that the likelihood of finding a job depended on the area of librarianship a person had pursued in school. It would make sense then that the further we move toward technology and digitization, the higher the job prospects for librarians in more technical fields, such as digitization. Librarians in technical fields can work in so many places, including schools, but according to an article I ran across today, school libraries, which need certified librarians with technical backgrounds, are falling far behind in our increasingly digitized and technology driven world. Many of the nation’s school libraries have NO certified librarians and the physical libraries are not being updated to today’s technical standards. This leaves me wondering why our nation’s school systems are not ensuring that each library has certified librarians on staff and why children are forced to use computers and other electronics that are, sometimes, twenty years old. What happens when they get to college and they have to write a lengthy research paper? I’ve seen first hand, during my time at University of Richmond, how hard it is for students to write a research paper when they have very little knowledge about technology and research search engines. I have experienced the world of blogs during my current independent study of librarianship, in which I knew very little about beforehand. Thankfully, at University of Richmond we have an exceptional research librarian who is always willing and available to help us and teachers that are always available to help us with research questions as well. Students who have struggled with technology and research search engines get better and they learn all of the amazing things they can do and find using technology in the library, so when I read the below article it made me think about how difficult it must be for those students who aren’t given the same opportunities. It made me wonder why certified librarians, especially those who are trained in technical fields, aren’t a part of school libraries. And it’s made me wonder about working in a school library, which never crossed my mind.


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