Book bound in human skin

Earlier this week my aunt sent me a news story about an interesting book at Harvard’s Houghton Library; this book is bound in human skin! According to Houghton Library’s blog, it was not uncommon, during the 19th century, for a book to be bound in human skin. This makes me wonder exactly how many books were bound in human skin and how many can currently be found in libraries throughout the world! Below is Houghton Library’s blog post about this interesting find…





3 responses to “Book bound in human skin

  1. Didn’t that just blow your mind!! There are some horrific instances from WW2 of Nazi tests on victims in the camps and examples of skin being used too…

  2. I knew the Nazi’s boiled down human fat to make soap, but what did they use human skin for? I am very interested in WWII, particularly the Holocaust; I will have to look into that! Thanks for sharing!

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