Digitization Day 2 & 3

July 8 & 10, 2014 1:45-4:45pm

My second day in digitization afforded me the opportunity to shadow Angie during a process for one of the newest digitization projects. As of now, I am unable to speak on the project, but once it is completed I will update everyone as to what we did.

Angie and I spent around an hour and forty-five minutes in the camera lab, aka where she makes the magic happen! We, or I should really say Angie, took several shots of a professor’s artwork. I was really excited to witness the differences between photographing items of an archival nature and items that are considered artwork. Lots of different things had to be considered when shooting the artworks, such as aperture, shutter speed, ISO, overexposure, ratio of white space to filled in space, height of the camera, whether it was an 80mm lens or a 120mm lens, focusing each corner and various points within the piece, adjusting the strength of the flash, and direction of light on the piece. Add all of these things together and digitizing a document or artwork seems far from as easy as a snap and shoot camera, which is the type of camera many of us currently use.

I took a photography class last semester and became extremely interested in photography, most specifically how to create a great picture using the manual functions instead of the typical snap and shoot. Watching Angie’s process today, reignited my interest in photography leaving me wanting to learn more about different camera functions.

See you Tuesday, July 15!


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