CDs do not last forever!

If you read Protecting Your Family’s History – Day 1 post you remember that I wrote about the erroneous thinking most of us have regarding CDs and DVDs: CDs and DVDs last forever. We are more likely to assume that digital items last forever, certainly much longer than the physical, paper version of the same item, but digital items have a shelf life just as everything else does. The below article (sent to me by my aunt Julia) discusses why these items do not last as long as many of us think they do. The main reason they do not last is due to the chemicals used to create these items: when these chemicals come into contact with heat the chemicals break down causing the items to deteriorate at a much faster rate.


One response to “CDs do not last forever!

  1. Don’t tell me that. My color photos have already started disappearing, and now the CDs and DVDs are next? (I continue to learn important stuff in this blog!)

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